Want to Join the Commmittee?

Q:  Who runs Puddle Jumper Days?
A:  Puddle Jumper Days is operated by volunteers from the community of Odessa. They do not receive financial compensation for their services.
They are responsible for making all arrangements for the upcoming Puddle Jumper Days festival each year.
Q:  How do I volunteer?
A:  Click the info link below or call us at 816-633-4663.
Q:  Who funds Odessa Puddle Jumper Days?
A:  Odessa Puddle Jumper Days is funded in the following ways:
(1) Citizens of Odessa and area communities who attend the weekend activities and events
(2) Contributions from community businesses
(3) Advertising banners and signs purchased by community businesses
Funds raised through Puddle Jumper Days go to providing a quality summer festival that people young and old can enjoy.  There is something for everyone.
The Puddle Jumper Days committee has contributed to community projects in the past, such as providing bleachers to the Parks & Rec department.